Donate for our missions come true!

We are still in an early stage of our musical journey, but we believe that our performance and music inspire many people to be creative, and be open-minded. Besides performing in concert halls and galleries, there are three missions that we strive to make happen. See below for more information, and thank you for your support!

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Out-reach concerts

Percussion instruments are the first instruments that you play as a child. To make sound, you just hit. Also, percussion performances are fun to watch! We like bringing our music to schools and share some rhythm activities. From your support, we get to add these concerts when we are on the road and touring.


reference videos

Through today's technology, we get to reach to so many students around the world. Technique of percussion playing is growing, and skill of chamber musicianship is very important to us. Through your support, we can make this recording projects happen and advance the education aspect of percussion.


creating new works

Compare to traditional classical music instruments like piano and violin, percussion music is very new in concert settings. But, we believe that our music can entertain and inspire many audiences orally and visually. Your support will be part of commissioning composers and be a enormous help in our workshop process. 

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